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Unheard Voices
Unheard Voices is a physical, musical theatre piece, based on Harsh Mander’s book of the same name. It gives voice to five of India’s millions of voiceless people through a series of monologues. These are the marginalized, the unseen; these are the real lives of the faces and hands of the beggars knocking at our car window at the traffic light or the children running across the street delivering chai to the offices. In an energy packed performance, you meetpeople who have confronted life on their own terms but have never accepted fate lying down. These are stores of struggle and courage. And of victories.

India : Then, Now, Forever
India lives daily in multiple realities. The tribals of Mizoram and their lifestyles is as much a part of the country as are the hip hop dancers of Bollywood. This show is a travel through time and incorporates classical, folk, tribal and contemporary dance to celebrate India’s multiculturalism and plurality. The show takes the audience from the temples of southern India to the forests of the Dangs and the minds of today’s creators.

Krishna Vandanam
A celebration of the leela of Krishna, through his avatars as Vishnu, and his play with the gopas and gopikas, this short piece highlights the strength of Bharata Natyam as a style, and of the innovative use of group choreography.

Staying Alive - choreographer/performe
A dance-theatre production celebrating the triumph of the human spirit, portraying a series of solos with narrated monologues about suicide and the choices we make. Written and directed by Shivani Tibrewala, music by Milind Chitnavis and Arneya Naik, choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai, videoscape by Yadavan Chandran. Performed in English

Western Woman – choreographer/performer
A collaboration between Italian director Rita Maffei and Mallika Sarabhai, produced by Teatro Stabile, Udine Italy and Darpana. Western Woman, as the title suggests, relates the experience of a woman from the Western World. A woman who embarks on a journey to a foreign land and once there, finds herself being forced to confront her fears. Hers are the fears of many westerners, namely the inability to face and come to terms with that which is “foreign”, that which is different, that which alarms, that from which they hide.

Sva Kranti:A Revolution Within – creator/writer/
director/choreographer/performer In this intensely personal performance, Mallika Sarabhai uses multimedia, theatre, music and dance to trace the journey of women seekers of truth and to contextualize them in the world today. Performed in English, Hindi and Gujarati.

The Bird in My Ceiling – director
A dance-theatre production based on poems written by inmates from a mental asylum and inspired by those on the Hindu Muslim riots by Dipti Nawal. Choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai. Performed in English

The Dance of Life – director/choreographer/performer
Inspired by the history of Indian science, from Brahmagupta and Aryabhata to Charaka, Bhaskara and scientists of the 20th century, The Dance of Life creates visual meaning from abstractions. Sequences include the discovery of the place holder zero, the early development of algebra, the discovery and development of Ayurveda and the first nose surgery, Emperor Jehangir’s research into the physiognomy of birds and the work of scientists JC Bose, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. Performed in English

The Dancing Princesses - Choreographer/performer
Based on Scottish playwright Symon Macintyre’s adaptation of The Brothers Grimm story of the same name.

Bacchantes - performer
The Bacchantes is an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides in 410 B.C. The story is about the clash between two different worlds that are not able to meet together. This production borders between reality and fiction, using the medium of television as an omnipresent and un-trustable witness of today’s tragedies, that make us lose all sense of reality, between tradition and the contemporary. The Bacchantes speak of today and of the necessity of meeting and recognizing differences. This is the only chance we have to live without violence in a world of peace. Performed in Gujarati?

Patra Mitro - performer
Inspired by the famous play “Love Letters” and set over 40 years, spanning the formation of separate states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Directed by Naushil Mehta. Co-starring Darshan Jariwala. Performed in Gujarati

Two Lives in Dance … And Two More – co-writer/co-director/performer
In this fascinating production, three generations Sarabhais relate their lives in a unique biography of thinkers and performers, using spoken words, movement and dance. Performed in English by Mrinalini, Mallika, Revanta and Anahita Sarabhai

An Idea Named Mira – writer/director/choreographer/performer
In this multimedia work Mallika Sarabhai explores through dance, music, theatre and video imagery what makes Mira relevant today. Written & directed by Mallika Sarabhai, co-choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai & Daksha Mashruwala, projection design by Yadavan Chandran. Commissioned by the Forum of World Religions, Los Angeles. Performed in English

AENEID - performer
The Aeneid is one of the mythological epics of Latin literature, written by the great poet Virgikio: it is the story of Aeneas’s adventure and misadventures in his quest for the founding of a new empire in Italy. Directed by Maximiliano Trojiani. Performed in English.

The Journey Inward : Devi Mahatmya – creator/director/performer
A multi dimensional performance based on Suzanne Ironbiter’s epic poem Devi (the Goddess) was conceived, directed & choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai with music by Indian rock composers Mark and Philipe Haydon; set & costume design by Australian Jodie Fried and projection design by Yadavan Chandran.Performed in English

In Search of the Goddess – writer/director/choreographer/performer
In this work Mallika Sarabhai explores the perception of Shakti through classical dance, theatre, storytelling and mime. Taking some traditional works from the repertoire of Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi, she juxtaposes these with her own contemporary interpretations of the Mother Goddess. Written, directed and choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai. Commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution, USA Performed in English

IK2- The Myth of Myths – choreographer/performer
A collaboration between Darpana, India and Pan Project, London. Performers Mallika Sarabhai (India) and Peter Badejo (Nigeria) explore and celebrates myths of India, West Africa, Europe and other lands, examining how through those myths people have searched for meaning in their lives, in their gods of the seasons or their gods against bad luck. Scripted & directed by John Martin, choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai. Performed in English

Conference of the Birds – co-director/performer
A 12th century Sufi tale by Farid Ud-Din Attar, a parable of the human race’s search for truth, for life’s meaning and for the self. Adapted by John Martin, co-directed by Mallika Sarabhai & John Martin, choreographed by Mrinalini Sarabhai. Performed in English and Hindi

Cityscapes –co-writer/choreographer/performer
A look at stories and storytelling in an urban TV age. Co-written by Symon Macintyre & Mallika Sarabhai, directed by Symon Macintyre, choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai Performed in English

V for... co-writer/choreographer/performer
This production tackles one of the most burning issues in India and throughout the world - the spread of violence. Using case histories, video images, quotations from violators and peacemakers, the performer invites the viewer to examine the violence within ourselves and how we deal with it. Co-written by Mallika Sarabhai & John Martin, directed by John Martin, choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai. Performed in English

Kaliyug: - The Circle of Paradise - performer
Kaliyug explores the corruption of values in this age. Produced by Pan Project, London which commissioned the script from Suniti Namjoshi. UK tour May - June 1993. Performed in English

Itan Kahani: The Story of Stories – choreographer/performer
The first ever collaboration between an Indian classical dancer and a Nigerian dancer, exploring the hidden agenda of folk stories. Toured UK in 1991 and 1992; playedthe Gulbenkien Foundation in Lisbon 1992; toured India in 1992; toured West Africa in 1993 and 1995. Produced by Pan Project, London. Scripted & directed by John Martin, choreography by Mallika Sarabhai. Performed in English

Sita’s Daughters – co-writer/choreographer/performer
A performance piece on women’s issues, developed with women activists, talking of issues like rape and female foeticides and the deification of women. The solo performance uses dance, music, story-telling, masks and mime and has been performed more than 300 times throughout India, UK, the US, Singapore and Africa. Co-written by Mallika Sarabhai & John Martin, directed by John Martin, choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai. Performed in Hindi, Gujarati or English

Shakti - The Power of Women – co-writer/choreographer/performer
A work on the image of Indian women. Through a fusion of dance, drama, mime, music and narrative, this performance penetrates the real feelings of heroines and legends created by men for their own purposes. Co-written by Mallika Sarabhai & John Martin, directed by John Martin, choreography by Mallika Sarabhai. Tour of Great Britain in 1989 and 1991 and a British Council tour of India in 1990. Performed in English

Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata - performer
Created the female lead, Draupadi, in both the French and English versions. Performed worldwide: at the Avignon Festival (France); Brooklyn Academy of Music (New York); Raleigh Studios (Los Angeles); Ginza Saison (Tokyo); Tramway (Glasgow), and as part of the Perth and Adelaide Festivals, Australia. Directed by Peter Brook.

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